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Study Abstract: Vaping Aids In Smoking Cessation

The American Journal of Epidemiology reports that another study has found vaping to increase the odds of successfully quitting cigarette smoking.

While the abstract claims that the evidence is “limited”, it also presents findings which suggest that vaping is the most popular strategy for smoking cessation, beating pharmaceutical aids by a wide margin (25.2 percent.) Interestingly, the abstract also makes a distinction betweeen “persistently cigarette abstinent” and “persistently tobacco abstinent” — though the study’s abstract doesn’t define the difference, it might be surmised that the authors are playing along with the “deeming” of vapor products as tobacco products, in which case the difference becomes clear:

In plain language, smokers who switch to vaping continue to vape, which in the eyes of the study’s authors would mean that “they continue to use tobacco products.”

Nevertheless, successfully quitting cigarette smoking is the objective of smoking cessation, and vapor products are consistently reliable as a means of doing so. This study adds to the body of proof that that is the case.

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